If you’re not sure where to start, we can help

With so much information online about financial protection, pensions and investments, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with information when trying to decide on the best policy for your needs. Should you invest in shares or property? How much life insurance do you need? What happens to my pension when I want to retire?

As an authorised insurance broker, Gallagher has access to Ireland’s leading insurance, investment and pension providers. One of Gallagher’s expert Financial Advisors can help you find the best product to suit your personal circumstances whilst ensuring that you are getting the best value for your money.

Your financial planner will take an overall view of your individual situation and will help you to prioritise your requirements. They will put a plan in place to help you achieve your financial objectives. Regular meetings with your advisor will help keep you focused on your goals, will ensure that the policies you hold are still suitable for your needs and that as life changes, you are not financially exposed now where you weren’t before. Your financial planner will monitor your pension and investments to ensure the exposure is still suited to your attitude to risk. Because of this, the potential for financial loss is greatly reduced.

Your advisor will easily be able to see where you might be financially exposed. For example:

When John was aged 25, he was single, had no dependents, lived at home with his parents and worked as an employee. He set up an Income Protection policy to cover his earnings in case he got ill or injured and couldn’t work. He also set up a personal pension to which he contributed €100 p/m to a high risk investment fund.

20 years later, John has made no changes to his financial policies however he is now married with two children and has a mortgage. John and his brother have also founded their own company and they are both directors. If he was to pass away now, his mortgage would be outstanding, there would be no funds available for his wife or children, and the company would likely have to cease trading.


John decides to meet his financial advisor who recommends the following plan:

• A mortgage protection policy so his loan would be cleared on death/illness.
• Additional life and illness cover so that his family would receive a lump sum if he was to pass away.
• Education funding so that John and his wife are prepared for the cost of their children’s second/third level education.
• A review of his income protection plan to see that his earnings are sufficiently covered and whether the company can pay the premiums.
• A review of his pension to see how he can move company profits to his pension and also to move his funds to a medium-risk investment fund.
• Corporate financial protection so that the business could continue if he or his brother became ill or died.