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Need a competitive commercial van Insurance quote in minutes? Get a great value insurance quote online or over the phone in minutes. We are one of Ireland’s leading insurance brokers and we understand you need Van Insurance with great benefits at a great price.

Commercial vehicle insurance provides protection for a range of vehicles used for commercial purposes. Gallagher provides insurance cover for clients with just one commercial vehicle such as van insurance, and to those with an entire commercial fleet, including haulage insurance. With easy payment plans and multi-policy discounts available, let us take the stress out of your insurance. Get a quote online now.

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Your Insurance Advisor will take the stress out of your insurance by helping you choose a commercial van insurance policy with excellent features and benefits

Windscreen Protection Available

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Open Driving available on selected policies

If you use your vehicle for your business, this option gives flexibility for you and your team of employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between these two cover options is the level of protection given to your own vehicle. A Third Party Fire and Theft policy covers any damage to a third party, or their property, resulting from an incident. It also provides cover for damage to your own vehicle, caused by fire or theft. Meanwhile, a Comprehensive policy will cover all of the above, plus the costs of damage to your own vehicle, if you’re involved in an incident.

Your no claims discount, or ‘Bonus’ as it is often called, is the amount of years you have held an insurance policy and not claimed on it. Based on the number of years you have been claims free your insurer will reduce your premium.

Named driving experience works on a similar basis to no claims discount. If you are named as a driver on someone else’s policy, you will earn a discount for your claims free years on that policy. You should contact your insurance broker to confirm your named driving experience entitlement.

To see if you can get private van insurance, you will need to discuss with a member of our Gallagher team as it will be determined based on the use of the van.

What Step Back Bonus Protection actually means : If you make a claim or someone else makes a claim against you, you will lose part of your no claims bonus. For example, if your no claims discount is 50% and you have a claim, then it could step back to as low as 30%. Therefore, giving you less years no claims to avail of higher discounts on your policy. On average, in the event of a claim, drivers with Step Back Bonus Protection lose two years no claims i.e. their bonus may be ‘stepped back’ from 5 to 3 years, which in turn will affect the no claims discount.

With Full Bonus Protection, in the event of a claim against your own insurance, you will not lose any of your built up years of no claims. In turn, this means that the discount you receive from your insurer will be protected in the event of a claim. Always read the small print of your policy documents for any exclusions or limitations on your policy regarding No Claims Bonus Protection.

It would not be possible to advise on this as a quote is based on a variety of details that provide a rating factor to form the basis of the the premium.

Private van Insurance is for use when the vehicle is used for private, social and domestic use. Commercial Insurance is if you use your vehicle for work, commuting and carrying goods for transport.

A commercial vehicle is generally a vehicle designed for commercial use and or for the transportation of goods/equipment.

Commercial Insurance will cover you for personal use, but Personal Insurance will not cover Commercial Use.

If you use your van for work or to transport equipment to and from your place of work, you will need to have commercial van insurance in place. Commercial van insurance can be taken out in the persons own name or in a company name.

*Price based on a deposit of €63.26 and 9 monthly repayments of €30.65 with an annual percentage rate of 9%. A 57 year old living in Wexford driving a 2017 Peugeot 207 1.6L with Third Party Fire and Theft cover, windscreen protection and Stepback bonus protection, Full Irish Licence and full no claims bonus. 23.01.2024