About Gallagher – Ireland’s Leading Insurance Company

Gallagher’s team in Ireland have over 100 years of combined insurance experience, we offer business, personal, and financial insurance solutions, protecting what matters most, to the people who matter to us – our customers.

We do our utmost to provide the very best in customer service, niche insurance solutions, and expert advice. Founded by Arthur J. Gallagher in Chicago in 1927, Gallagher has grown to be one of the leading insurance brokerage, risk management, and human capital consultant companies in the world. With significant reach internationally, our organisation employs over 45,000 people and our global network provides services in more than 130 countries. Founded on the principles of transparency and accountability, we’ve upheld our commitment to ethical business through decades of growth, change and expansion. For nearly a century, we’ve proudly built a reputation of trust and integrity with our clients and colleagues. 


Our Story

Gallagher first entered Ireland through the acquisition of INNOVU Insurance in June 2022, and our operations include a number of specialist broking firms which are all now operating under our global brand.

INNOVU Insurance

INNOVU was established in 2018 offering a range of commercial insurance, personal insurance and financial services. The team headquartered in Wexford, and also has offices in Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary and Kerry.

Sheridan Insurances

Established in 1964, Sheridan Insurances established itself as a dominant insurance broker in the industry. Focused on corporate, SME, and personal customers, Sheridan Insurances held a strong presence, with offices located in Dublin, Kilkenny, and Wexford. In February 2019, Sheridan Insurances was acquired. 

Wexford Insurances

In December 2019, Wexford Insurances, a significant equestrian insurance brokerage, was acquired. In addition to its specialist equestrian business, Wexford Insurances also supported the corporate, SME and personal insurance markets.

Goggin Insurance Brokers

In July 2021, Goggin Insurance Brokers became part of the business. Based in Newcastle West and Listowel. It has  a strong reputation among its Corporate, SME and Personal customers throughout Ireland. 

Cullen Insurances

Cullen Insurances was the fourth acquisition by the group and took place in October 2021. Established in 1974 by Bill Cullen, Cullen Insurances has built a strong reputation nationally in the SME Corporate and personal space.

P. E. Kelly Insurances

October 2021, P. E. Kelly Insurances was acquired. The business had built a strong reputation for providing affordable and bespoke insurance solutions, risk and claims management for their clients. P.E. Kelly Insurances has been providing General Insurance Services in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford under the stewardship of Pat Kelly and staff since 1985. 

Doyle Mahon Insurances

In November 2022 Doyle Mahon became part of our business. Founded in 2009, Doyle Mahon is a commercial and agriculture insurance broker based in Ardcavan, Wexford.