Farm Safety Is Very Close To My Heart


Farm Safety is very close to my heart as I live on a busy dairy farm. Pat, my husband has been running the farm for over 25 years, taking over from his father who helped out on the farm into his late 80’s. Our son, John who is 15, is the fourth generation to farm. It is imperative to look out for the elderly and children on farms.

Safety must always be at the forefront of farmers minds so don’t take any shortcuts as farming can often be a solitary occupation. Also, pressure to get work done can lead to shortcuts being taken especially when the weather is bad. Accidents will happy but Farmers please “STOP & THINK” before you start every job, even jobs you do every single day as familiarity can lead to complacency.

Don’t add to the farm death statistics, please “STOP & THINK” of those who would be left behind.

Safe Farming!!


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