We are ‘all talk’ about giving things up for lent, but you need to think long and hard
about giving up some policy benefits to make your policy cheaper. Everyone 
is trying to save money on their car, home and van insurance but there are some risk involved is choosing a very basic policy or removing some policy benefits.

You may have spent ages saving up for your first home or buying your perfect car. These belongings cost us an arm and a leg so its worth insuring them correctly with a trustworthy insurer.

Think about the benefits below before renewing your policy.


If you are shopping around for insurance, make sure you ask about the excess on your policy. ‘Excess’ is the amount of money that you will have pay in the event of a claim.
For example, if you policy excess is €300, you will have to pay the initial €300 of any claim. The policy may be cheaper with a high excess, but is it worth it?

Windscreen Cover

If possible, make sure that windscreen cover is a benefit on your policy or an optional add-on. It only takes one road chipping to crack your windscreen and it’s a bill you could do without. A new windscreen could cost you over €200 and it won’t pass the NCT with a crack in it. 

No Claims Bonus 

Don’t give up your no claims bonus protection. Bonus protection is a discount on your insurance premium based on the number of years that you have made no claim on your policy. Your discount will be lost or reduced if you do not protect your no claims bonus. 
You can fully protect your no claims bonus or partially protect it. We can talk through this option with you over the phone or in any of our offices.

Claims support

Have you ever had an insurance claim? Some of you may know that it can be really stressful if you buy your insurance directly from an insurance company. You have to look after everything yourself; paperwork, phone calls and in some cases, solicitors. Many of our customers stay with us because of our claims support. Colette is our Claims Advisor and she looks after your claim from start to finish, taking the stress away. Our priority is our client so we fight on their behalf to get the best possible outcome.


Keep these points in mind when you are renewing your insurance. We are qualified to choose a policy that is right for you with quality benefits. We won’t sell a policy that is
very cheap with basic benefits and high excess because we don’t believe it is good
enough for any of our customers. Insurance is about protecting your belongings correctly to insure the risks are covered, and that is exactly what we do.