Colette Has The Inside Scoop On Contaminated Fuel


Every so often contaminated fuel is something that comes to our attention. The thing about contaminated fuel is, you never just get once case of it! They just appear in batches. These can be more difficult insurance claims to deal because at first it can seem to be a mechanical failure and not contaminated fuel.

Contaminated fuel is not really something you can protect yourself from but here are a few things to keep in mind. It will make it easier and faster to deal with should you be unfortunate enough to purchase some contaminated fuel.


Tips To Keep In Mind


Stick To One Garage

It can take a couple of months before contaminated fuel becomes apparent in your vehicle and if you stick to one garage the insurance company may be able to get enough evidence to hold the garage responsible for the damages.


Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

I get mine checked over twice a year, once for the winter service and once for the NCT. It’s good to know that your car is in good condition.


Keep Your Documents

Fuel receipts and servicing receipts need to be kept to show exactly where your fuel is coming from and to prove that your vehicle is properly maintained.