It’s Road Safety Week And We’re Talking Tyres


Tyres are an extremely important part of a well maintained vehicle. Having a good set of tyres at the correct pressure plays a huge part in keeping us all safe on the roads. Please watch my video below explaining the importance of  good tyres.


This is what a bald tyre looks like


You should never let your tyres get anywhere near this level. If you have tyres like this you could be putting yourself in danger as well as other road users.

This is what a brand new tyre looks like. Do you see the difference?




Apart from the fact that it is a legal requirement to have tyres that are above the 1.6mm tyre thread depth, consider the following:

  • The better your tyres, the shorter your stopping distance. If the car in front of you has new tyres and you have tyres that are almost bald, it will take you a lot longer to stop.
  • In wet conditions good tyres make it a lot easier to stay on the road, older worn tyres are more likely to result in your vehicle aquaplaning on those wet mornings.
  • On cold frosty or icy mornings, you need as much grip as possible to stay on the road particularly where there is black ice.

You can learn more about Road Safety Week here.


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