Noeleen Tells Us About Her Experience

If you didn’t already know, our office has moved from Wexford’s Main Street to our new location at The Arc, Drinagh. I can’t believe we are finally here! It’s been an emotional change for us here at Sheridans (now Gallagher) but we know it’s for the best. Our team out-grew the building and we wanted to give our customers a better experience.

Our Wexford office has been on the Main Street for 54 years. There are so many memories there for us and especially Mr. Sheridan.

There are lots of reasons why our customers and our team will love our new office. Here are a few reasons why I feel so lucky to work here.


We’re together

On the main street our team were split up into different sections because we kinda out-grew the building. Now, we sit together as team and it’s a real benefit for us and our customers. We work together and we can help each other out.


I’m Really Proud

It sounds weird but I love when my customers come into our new office. I’m very proud to have them at my desk because it’s a really comfortable place to have a chat and go through their car insurance policy. Most people find it really handy to call in because we are on the outskirts of town.


Free Parking

When I worked in town I was constantly going to the bank machine to pay for parking. Now we have free parking for customers and staff, I don’t know myself! Some of my customers have commented on the free parking so it’s definitely a benefit.


Lunch Together

We have a lovely new canteen and we all have a seat! There is over 35 people working in the Wexford office and we could never eat our lunch together because there was no space. Sometimes I would eat my lunch at my desk because there wouldn’t be any free seat in the canteen.

AND now we can go for a walk at lunchtime. There is a footpath all the way into town 🙂


This is the start of a new adventure for us at Gallagher and I really hope you get a chance to call in and see us. I can look after your car insurance, van insurance and home insurance but we have a great team of people that can help you with your business insurance, pension or investments.