Seriously, How Did We Manage No Power Steering


Do you remember your first car? Unfortunately I do too. Desperately wanting to drive and a serious lack of cash wasn’t a great combination. Now, I didn’t end up with an absolute hunk of junk like poor Ted but it was far from being cool! So I had to ask around the office to see what people drove as their first car. The reaction was priceless, everyone had a little story.



‘I drove a Volkswagen Passat as my first car but then I changed it for a Volkswagen Golf. I bought it from my aunt I thought it was a right idea but it was absolutely ridiculous! It was an automatic Diesel car and it drank juice. Worst decision ever! Should have stuck with the Passat.’



‘My first car was a Datsun 1200, a rust bucket. I drove it to college in Galway each week and I can clearly remember seeing the road through the floor beside the gear stick. Public transport was non existent in Ireland at the time. The locks didn’t work on the car and if I turned the wipers on full power, the left one flew off. There was many a time that I had to pull over and pick up the wiper!’





‘My first car was a 1995 Fiat Punto. It was a great little car but wasn’t the most attractive looking thing. I drove it in college and  the lads used to say my car looked like it had Alopecia because the paint work flaked off the bonnet. In the end, it owed me nothing, I’d say the radio was worth more that the car. And no power steering!’



‘Let me tell you about my sisters car. Peugeot 206 and it was an absolute disaster. She used to drop me to DCU and I would have to tuck my feet under the seat because water used to gush in from the glove box. When I think about it, we had some craic with that car.’



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