Not Sure What To Eat Before Or After Exercise?

Training wp

This week I’m discussing ‘food intake before and after exercise’. It’s a question
people ask me on a regular basis so I thought it would be a good topic to cover for
you guys. If you plan on going for a session in the gym, TRX, GAA or circuit
training etc. you need to fuel your body with food and water to ensure
maximum performance.

If you notice that you run out of energy, feel sick or feel faint during the exercise
session, it could be because you didn’t eat enough food during the day or your
didn’t eat the right food. It is also important to eat food post workout, as muscle
protein and muscle glycogen are broken down. Recovery nutrition is
really important.

The guys in Sheridan Insurances are leaving car and van insurance at their desks
tomorrow and taking part in an exercise class in the Watershed Kilkenny on their
lunch break. This video will really help them pre and post workout.

Watch my video below to hear some recommendations about food comsumption
before and after training.