Colette Has Listed The Steps You Should Follow


We always think “It’ll never happen to me” but would you know what to do if you were involved in an accident? Here are the main things to do immediately after an accident:


Check Everyone is Ok

Make sure all passengers, drivers, pedestrians and/or cyclists are ok. If anyone looks to be in pain or if they are clearly suffering, call for an ambulance straight away.


Call the Gardai

If anyone is hurt or if there is going to be a problem with responsibility for the accident, call the Gardai. If you are not sure, call the Gardai anyway and they will let you know whether or not they need to attend.


Check if the Car is Driveable

If you can clearly see that the car is not driveable, you will need to arrange to move the vehicle off the road. The Gardai can arrange to move it for accidents that happen out of office hours or you can call the emergency number in your policy booklet out of office hours either.

If it happens during office hours, call us if you are one of our clients and we will contact the insurance company for you. If you are unsure whether the vehicle is driveable then don’t drive it as you may cause more damage.


Get as Much Information as You Can

Note the time & location of the accident. Take photographs if you can of the vehicles before they are moved. Then you will need to exchange your contact information and insurance details with the other driver before leaving the scene.

Notify the Claim

Your insurance company need to be informed of the accident as soon as possible. If you are a customer of Sheridan Insurances, you can call me Monday – Friday from 9-5 and I will do my best to get you back on the road as soon as possible.




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