Colette tells us exactly what we need to do..

You wake up in the morning, eat your cornflakes and get the kids ready for school. Once the morning mayhem is under control, you open the door and your car is gone. Then the panic sets in because you realise your car has been stolen overnight. I’m the dedicated claims advisor for Sheridan Insurances and I’ve looked after lot of these car claims. My heart goes out to my clients because I can hear how upset they really are.

I’ve made of list of things you need to do if your car is ever stolen. There is no harm in sharing them with your friends and family.


What to do if your car is robbed?

1. Double check

Just double check that you didn’t park the car on the street or the back of the house. You can be so busy sometimes that you can forget where you parked the car.


2. Gardai

Call the Gardai. They need to be notified straight away. Then take a few deep breaths, put on the kettle for the tea and wait for the gardai to arrive.


3. Call me

Once you have called the Gardai and you are a client of Gallagher, please call me on 0818222700. I will report your claim to your insurance company. I liaise with the insurer and look after all the paperwork. This is a huge benefit to our clients because a claims experience can be so stressful. I also negotiate the claim on your behalf because we want the best possible outcome for you.


This is not a service you get with every other insurer or insurance broker but we want to offer something different to our customer and we realise how stressful claims handling can be. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we are delighted to offer this complimentary service to our customers.