What to do when people damage your car and drive off?

We all know someone whose car has had their car hit by a driver who left without leaving any of their details. Maybe it has even happened to you. But would you know what to do if your car was involved in a hit and run? Here are 2 common scenarios to consider and what you should do if this happens to you

Scenario 1 – The Car Park

You return to your car in a car park and it has been hit but nobody has left any details and the responsible driver is nowhere to be seen – what do you do?

  • Look around and see if there are any people nearby that may have seen what happened – speak to them and get their name and number if they have any useful information
  • Check all around your car and photograph the damages before you move your car
  • See if there is any sign of CCTV in the area that may have captured the incident – if there is make enquiries with the people responsible for the CCTV
  • Call the Gardai and report the incident
  • Report the incident to your insurers
  • If you can get even a registration number for the person responsible from a witness or CCTV the Gardai should be able to track them down for you.


Scenario 2 – The Dangerous Driver

You are driving along minding your own business when someone hits your car and drives off – what do you do?

  • Try to get their registration number before they get too far away and make a note of the colour, make & model of the vehicle that hit you
  • Stop any witnesses to the accident and take their name and number
  • Photograph your vehicle and the road before you move if it is safe to do so
  • Make a note of what direction the responsible driver went in – the Gardai can check for CCTV in the area to see if they can find the responsible party and get their registration details.
  • Report the incident to your insurers



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image source: credit.com