If You Suffer An Accident Or Damages Over Christmas,
Colette Has A Quick ‘What To Do’ Guide….


If you suffer an accident or damages over Christmas, don’t panic. You can register a claim online here or call me when our offices re-open on Wednesday 30th December. Here are some key points to consider should you have an accident or damages.


Household Difficulties

  • Try to minimise damages
  • Take lots of photographs
  • Get a builder/plumber out ASAP
  • Don’t throw anything away

Cars Or Vans


Call the Gardai – they can arrange recovering the vehicle if you don’t
have breakdown cover.

If you have breakdown cover, call them and they can arrange moving the
vehicle (the number will be in your policy booklet or call us and we can
confirm this for you)

Contact me via online registration and I will get in touch when our office
re-opens on Wednesday 30th December or alternatively you can call me on that day.

If you have an extremely urgent situation and require urgent advice, you can
call our office and you will be re-directed to a voice mailbox. You can leave
your details and request a call back in case of emergency however as insurance
offices will be closed the level of help we can provide will be limited until our
office re-opens.