What is Step Back Bonus Protection? 

When you are taking out your car insurance policy you have two options when it comes to your no claims bonus. You can fully protect your no claims bonus or you can partially protect it. Now let’s explain that in more detail..


Step Back Bonus Protection Explained

Stepback bonus protection means that if you make a claim or someone else makes a claim against you, you will lose part of your No Claims Bonus.  Your No Claims discount will be generally stepped back from 5 years back to 2 years, depending on which car Insurance Company you are insured with.

Stepback bonus protection is a standard benefit on some insurance policies but we explain these details to every customer to ensure they know exactly what policy 
they are buying. If you have any questions or need a car insurance quote, you can
request a call back right here.

 Check out Edel’s video about Stepback Bonus Protection