Mark explains the term open driving

Have you got the benefit of open driving on your car insurance or van insurance policy? Over the years we realised that some people seem to confused open driving and third party driving of other cars. When you are taking getting a car insurance quote online you need to be fully aware of what you are buying. Open driving and third party driving of other cars are completely different and here’s why…


What is open driving?

If you have open driving on your car insurance policy this will allow anyone holding a Full EU licence normally between the ages of 25-70 with a clear record to drive your vehicle.


What is 3rd party Driving other cars?

3rd party driving other cars is where the policy holder has an extension on their policy that allows them to drive someone else’s private car under their own policy and cover is 3rd party only. Typically to have this you would have to have a full driving licence and over 25 years of age.


Check our Mark’s video below. Open driving could be the perfect benefit for your car insurance policy or may you don’t need it at all.