Understanding Open Driving

Mark explains the term open driving:

Have you got the benefit of open driving on your car insurance or van insurance policy? Over the years we realised that some people seem to confused open driving and third party driving of other cars. When you are taking getting a car insurance quote online you need to be fully aware of what you are buying. Open driving and third party driving of other cars are completely different and here’s why…


What is open driving?

If you have open driving on your car insurance policy this will allow anyone holding a Full EU licence normally between the ages of 25-70 with a clear record to drive your vehicle.


What’s the difference between open driving and driving other cars?

Open driving and driving other cars, though they might seem similar, relate to different insurance provisions. Open driving typically allows any driver over a certain age, holding a valid license, and meeting any other specified criteria by the insurer, to legally drive the vehicle under the policy, without being named individually. This offers flexibility, particularly for families or businesses’

On the other hand, driving other cars (DOC) coverage is a feature of some car insurance policies allowing the policyholder to drive someone else’s car with their permission, usually under third-party coverage. It’s important to note that not all policies include DOC and specifics can vary, so checking the policy details is essential.


What does open driving with restrictions mean?

Open driving with restrictions usually refers to a type of vehicle insurance policy allowance. It means that the policy allows others to drive the insured vehicle besides the named policyholder, but with certain limitations. These restrictions can vary widely but often include criteria like age limits, having a full driving license for a minimum number of years, and sometimes restrictions on driving history or record. It’s a way to provide flexibility in who can drive the vehicle while still managing the risk from the insurer’s perspective.


What are the advantages of open cover?

  • Flexibility: Open cover offers the ability to add multiple drivers to a single policy without the need to name them individually.
  • Convenience: It simplifies the process for businesses that have multiple employees driving company vehicles at different times.
  • Cost-effective: In certain instances, it can be more cost-effective than adding named drivers individually to a policy, especially for businesses with high employee turnover.
  • Time-saving: Saves time and administration efforts in managing and updating the policy whenever there are new drivers.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Often provides broad coverage, ensuring that all permitted drivers are covered under the policy without specifying details for each.


Does open insurance cover commercial vehicles?

Open insurance covers commercial vehicles; however, the specifics of the coverage can vary significantly depending on the policy provider and the plan chosen.


What is 3rd party Driving other cars?

3rd party driving other cars is where the policy holder has an extension on their policy that allows them to drive someone else’s private car under their own policy and cover is 3rd party only. Typically to have this you would have to have a full driving licence and over 25 years of age.


Check our Mark’s video below. Open driving could be the perfect benefit for your car insurance policy or may you don’t need it at all.