Thieves Can Go To Great Lengths To Rob Your Car


It’s extraordinary to hear some of of the stories about burglaries in Ireland. The amount of effort, planning and perserverance that goes into some thefts is both amazing and sickening at the same time!


Letterbox Thieves

Fishing keys out through the letter box in the middle of the night is something that has become very common. It’s terrible to think that you can’t leave your keys by the front door. If you have a letter box you should leave the keys in a different room away from the door.

Designated Driver

On nights out, if you are the designated driver or if you are getting a taxi home and coming back for the car in the morning, it’s really important to make sure the keys are with you at all times. Don’t leave your handbag unattended as you never know who is watching. The bags with a long strap to go across your body are fantastic for nights out as your belongings never need to leave your side! For the men, keep the key in your pocket or if you are out with someone with a handbag make sure they will not leave it unattended before giving them the keys.

Spare Key

Spare keys are often hidden away so safely that we can’t find them or are left out for the world to see! Think carefully about where you leave your spare keys. Find a safe place for them that you will remember and will be able to locate easily should you misplace your main key. For example a jewellery box, one of the drawers in your room or maybe in one of the cupboards.



If you are having a party, maybe for the Rugby World Cup, Halloween or just a random gathering after the pub, make sure you lock your car keys in your room and bring the door key with you. Don’t leave them out for anyone to take. Even if it’s only good friends staying for post pub drinks, you never know who is going to invite themselves in for the party and it could end in someone taking your vehicle without your permission. Trust me, it is not worth the risk!






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