Follow These Steps After A Road Accident


According to the Road Safety Authority, the most dangerous time on the road in 2014 was between 4pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm. Thursday was also reported to be the most dangerous day of the week of road accident. These are frightening road safety statastics.

Everyday I help people deal with car and van insurance claims, it’s an upsetting and can be a devastating experience for a person to deal with in their lifetime. My job is to make the claims experience as smooth as possible as I guide you through the claims process. I look after the paperwork and I negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the best possible outcome.

Having said that, I make it my mission to give you as much information as possible to keep you safe on the roads, I publish weather warnings, safety tips and video blogs on safety but unfortunately accidents do happen. If you do happen to be in a road accident, the video below will help you gather some information that could help you make the insurance claim experience as painless as possible.