Watch My Video For Portion Size Recommendations


Hi Everyone, I’m Rachel Kumar, the nutritionist on board for the ‘Feel Great In 8
challenge. I’ve been helping the guys in Sheridan’s with their challenge and to
be honest it’s going great so far. Some of the questions they asked were quite
good so I’m going to share them with you over the next few weeks. I won’t bore
you I swear, but some of these tips can come in very handy!

Today’s tip is about portion size. We all want to enjoy our food but let’s try and
avoid oversized portions. Most people eat more when they are served bigger portions. Large food portions = large intake of calories. When u eat larger
portions you are more likely to store the extra calories as fat. Your body can
only handle a certain amount of food at one time. Watch my video below, it
has some simple recommendations when it comes to portion sizes. Hopefully
you find this helpful.