Get some tips from the Insurance experts

Van Insurance is an essential part of running your business and protecting your livelihood. Without it, it could have devastating effects on your business in the event of a theft. Our team are experts in van insurance. They understand that you need insurance that gives you peace of mind at a great price. To be fair, we all love a few more bob in our pockets especially at the moment. Check out the tips below from our van insurance team, they could save you some money. 


Your Licence

Declare the precise number of years that you have held your licence. Some insurers may give you a discount if have held your licence for over 11 or 12 years.



Think about this, how much mileage do you travel annually? If you’re working in your local area, your mileage will be lower. Mileage can affect the price of your quote and it’s in your interest to be very accurate when speaking to your insurance advisor, it could save you money.


No Claims Bonus

This is really important. Declare the exact number of years on your NCB. For example, If you are doing a quote online and you have entered 5+ years instead of 10 years no claims bonus, you may be missing out on an opportunity to get further discount on your policy.


Private Car

If you are a named driver on a private car or you are the main driver of a private car, tell your advisor about it. Because we search the market for you, some insurers may give you discount. 


We hope this information helps and don’t forget to share this information with friends or colleagues.