Be safe this Halloween #TopTips

So your little trick-or- treaters have their costumes prepped and you have all the decorations ready to spook up your home. With all the thrill and fun that Halloween festives bring, it is key that both you as a parent and your children are aware of trick-or-treat safety so that your little monsters will be safe when knocking door to door. Check out our safety tips to ensure that your family enjoys a safe Halloween this year.


#1 Drivers be safe & alert!

Most trick-or-treaters will hit the streets as soon as it gets dark up until around 9.30, so it so important that you are extra alert and drive safely during this time period. You should remind your children of the road safety rules (i.e safe cross code) because with all the Halloween antics and fun they may forget the importance of being safe.


#2 Accompany your children

As a parent you should accompany your children while they are on their treat-or-treat route. If you are allowing your child to trick-or-treat without your supervision (i.e. if your child is older and is going trick-or-treating with a group of friends), it is key that a set route is established and agreed with an estimated departure and return time to prevent any unnecessary worrying.





#3 Be Seen

Put retro-reflective strips on costumes and sweet sacks/bags where possible to ensure your little trick-or-treaters are more visible to drivers.


#4 Flashlights = more visibility! 

Give your little trick-or-treaters flashlights or glow sticks to provide them with extra light while walking in the dark (this is still important even if they are in a well-lit up area).





#5 Keep to footpaths 

Keep to footpaths where possible as it is safer for your children and easier for drivers. It is also important not to take any shortcuts as hazards may not be visible in the dark.


#6 Eliminate unnecessary hazards

Make sure that your childs costume is the right length as it can become a tripping hazard if not. If your child’s costume includes a mask, ensure the holes for the eyes are big enough to ensure complete vision and breathing space. Also double check that  face paints are safety approved (i.e use non toxic face paints).


Be safe this Halloween and Enjoy 🎃🎃



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