Keep Them Entertained In The Car Or Plane


The offices are buzzing at the moment because everyone is so excited about taking their holidays! Just to give you a few examples of what people are doing with their kid this month; Colin, our IT manager took his kids camping in Dunmore East last week, Caroline our Insurance Advisor is just back from two weeks in Spain and Aoife our Financial Advisor took her children to see Ed Sheeran on Friday.

Whether you are doing day trips in Ireland with the kids or taking the lucky ducks on a foreign holiday, they do need to be kept occupied in the car, plane or boat. Here are a few tips about travelling with kids from some of the parents in the office.


Old Stories

This is one of Aoife’s favourites; her kids love hearing stories about when she was a child. They can have loads of questions and it’s great to share memories of childhood. It’s also quite funny to play some of the chart music from when you were young. I remember my parents playing the Bee Gee’s, The Carpenters etc. on tapes!



Audiobooks or their favourite songs on a playlist can be an absolute gem on long car journeys. A compilation of their favourite songs can be made easily. Stick them on your phone, USB or SD card and let it play through the stereo.


DVD player/Tablet

This option requires a small bit of investment but it’s worth while using a dvd player or tablet for long journeys. Even if you only let them watch it for half an hour, it will break up the journey. Remember to bring headphones for your older kids because you might not want to listen to their movie.



Most children love colouring books and they are perfect for a train, plane or boat! We put together our own boarding pass. You can print it here and let them colour it in on the journey!


The Secret Stash

It’s also a good tip to have a secret stash of food and toys that they don’t know about. Especially if you make a stop along the way. If you produce a new toy, chalk, colouring book etc. it can keep them unoccupied while you get a coffee or need to make a phone call.