Colin Saved Time & Money With Robomow


Asking me to describe my lawnmower at home was definitely one of the more obscure tasks I’ve been given in Sheridan Insurances. Admittedly my lawnmower does generate a bit of interest at times… a long with some bemusement, incredulity & downright scoffing.

As I look after the IT in here, I do have a natural instinct to use technology. And if I need to do something monotonous in my job regularly, I like to see if it can be automated. I guess I’m no different at home. It works basically by cutting within a perimeter wire. It mulches up the grass so that there is no obvious clippings left. Apparently due to the nitrogen in grass clippings mulching the grass is quite beneficial for the health of the lawn!
Here’s a video of it in operation:

It is powered by a battery pack. This is rechargeable, and costs about as much annually to charge as it costs to charge your smartphone. It has three blades underneath it, so it can give a good cut. I generally buy new blades every 2 years, and these are easy to replace. It is cheaper than a ride-on lawnmower to buy (our lawn is big enough – about 800 square metres), and I don’t need a trailer to transport it if it needs servicing. It can fit in boot of my car quite easily. Also, it saves me on the need to buy petrol.
For safety it has bumpers that detect any foreign objects it touches… walls, toys, footballs, etc. It immediately stops & reverses if it does detect these. Safety has to be a feature on something like this, even if we didn’t have three curious kids. But just because I take it seriously doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it.


Colin bought his Robomow in 2010 from Seamus Tully in Co. Kildare