A van robbery could impact your business

The cost of repairing or replacing a van and tools along with downtime would have a huge impact on any business. For a tradesperson their van is vital for them to make a living and we are here to help ensure that you keep your van safe and as secure as possible.



Nowadays most vans offer a wide range of security features but you can never have enough locks. We recommend adding dead locks or slam locks that work independently or lock protection plates which encase the van’s built-in lock and hinder thieves from drilling them out. These locks can be found at affordable prices in your local hardware shop or from a range of online suppliers or fitters.


If your vehicle is older and doesn’t have an alarm or immobiliser it could be very advantageous to get an alarm installed.  An alarm on a van can discourage thieves, protect your valuables, and can also reduce your insurance premium.


Keeping your van safe at night

In order to minimise the risk to your van and its contents ensure that you park in the most secure place such as a garage, if you don’t have a garage then in a well-lit area where you have a view of van. Where possible we would also advise people to take all valuables out of the van and place a sticker on the van stating that tools aren’t kept in the van overnight. Finally check that ALL doors are locked each time you leave the van.


Check your Insurance

It is crucial to choose the right van insurance to suit your needs. It is extremely important to check your policy to find out exactly what’s covered, what the excesses are, and if there are any conditions. If you are working in a trade then you will need the contents of your van covered or if you regularly use a trailer you will need cover for your trailer, as the cost of replacing these if stolen can be very expensive. At Gallagher you get access to van insurance experts who are dedicated to finding you the best van insurance in the market at the best price and answering any questions you may have about your insurances.


Brand your Van and Tools

Thieves are less likely to steal a branded vehicle as they stand out and are easier to locate by the Gardaí. We would also recommend that you photograph and engrave or mark  all of your valuable tools and keep this information on file in the unfortunate event of a robbery.



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