With the glorious weather we are having we decided to put some tips together to help you keep your car cooler.

#1 Sun-shades

These will minimise the amount of sun rays coming into your car which will in turn keep your car from getting too hot and uncomfortable.


#2 Tinted windows

This is sort of the same idea as the sun-shades. it will stop too much sun getting into the car, keeping the temperature how you want it.


#3 Crack the windows

If leaving the car parked while you go shopping or even outside your house, sometimes in very hot weather it may be smart to leave the windows or sun roof open even just half an inch to keep it cool in the car. Make sure not to open them too far as to stop the possibility of theft.


#4 Covered parking

Again if parking, it might be an idea to try and look for a car park in the shade or undercover somewhere to stop the seats getting hot and keep the temperature of the car at a minimum. If no covered car parks are available, use a seat cover to avoid getting burns from your car seats and seat belts.


#5 Air-Con to the rescue!!

The best way to use your air conditioning  on a really hot day is to turn it on full blast as soon as you get in the car and lower your back windows for about 20 seconds. This will plush out the hot air and start the flow of the cool air through the vehicle.


We hope these help you too keep your car cool this summer and as always, drive safely!


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Image source: pexels.com