Picking The Perfect Car For You & Your Budget


Buying your first car is a really exciting time. The prospect of having your own independence can often cloud your judgement on which car to buy, as people
rush into buying their first car. Answering these simple questions will only
take a few minutes and you might be surprised how much clarity it gives you.


How many passengers do you think you will need to transport?

Try and look a few years down the line. Will you be travelling to college?
Would you like to car pool to work? Are you planning on starting a family?
Will you be transporting children? All of these things need to be considered
before picking your ideal vehicle.


What sort of Mileage to you think you will do?

If you are planning on long journey’s, a car that runs on diesel might be more
cost effective in the long run. You may consider a more comfortable bigger
car. If you’re planning on just using the car locally for short journeys the fuel
cost might not be as big of an issue.


What tax bracket does the car fall into?

Rates of tax can vary from €130 to well over €1100 depending on the year
make and model. Build the car tax into your annual car budget. Also, consider
if you will resell the car in the future. Cars with high rates of tax are much
harder to resell.


What type of equipment if any do you need to carry
in the car?

Are you planning on car pooling to college which might involve four adults
and four backpacks fitting into your car? Do you have a dog you need to
transport?  Do you need space for pushchairs/sports equipment? You need
to consider the size of the boot and back seat and ensure you won’t be cut
short on space.


Reputation and Resale Value of the Car

Google is loaded with car reviews for every make and model. Closely analyse
each review and check out real peoples experiences of the car. If someone
else has already made the mistake learn from it rather than making it yourself.



Look at what you can afford to spend, not just right now but in the future.
Get a quote for car insurance to see how much it will be. Rates can vary
between makes and models. Check out the running costs of the car,
remember to incorporate insurance, tax, fuel, servicing, new tyres etc.
The true cost of a keeping a car on the road is significantly higher
than the purchase price.


Finally don’t rush into buying the first car you see that falls within
your budget…take it through the road test above and make sure it
will meet your needs this year and beyond. We all plan to change
our car much sooner than we actually do – the chances are
this car will be with you longer than you think!

*make sure that you are covered by your insurer for your car
requirement and needs. Each insurer has different specifications.


Here’s a clip of Sam buying his first car in the first Transformers Movie 



image source: cellwalls.com