Create an emergency pack that you can store in your attic

Yes, they warned us. ‘This is a national emergency and the storm is coming’. Did we prepare? kinda… Did we prepare enough? Absolutely not… The storm hit the South of Ireland quite badly and we felt the wrath of Storm Emma. We were snowed in from Wednesday until Sunday, losing power and water throughout the storm. Although I can say, I have never had so much fun at home with my family. It was a complete switch off and I’m sure my six pack is on it’s way because I shovelled the yard for two solid days in an effort to escape to the main road with my car.

I have put together a little list of emergency supplies for the next storm or power outage. People laughed at me when I told them I had made the list, but the reality is that we have had two extreme storms in the past six months; Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma. I’m preparing myself for the worst case scenario.


Emergency List

  • Candles and lots of them.
  • Matches or lighters
  • Tank of gas
  • A camping gas cooker (if you don’t have a gas hob)
  • Snow boots or wellington boots 
  • A decent shovel (not a coal shovel)
  • Power bank for phone (Just in case you need to make phone calls)


Image: The Irish Sun