On The Increase: Theft & Car Break In’s At Beach


With the long evenings and glorious sunshine most of us are taking trips to the beach or some of our favourite outdoor locations. Unfortunately the sunshine sometimes brings out the worst in people and car and van break in’s are an all too common occurrence at this time of year.


If you are heading out, here are a few things to remember 


If you don’t really need it, leave it at home! Do you really need your handbag at the beach?? If not leave it at home and maybe just put a small bit of money in your pocket for ice creams.



We have noticed a huge increase in break in’s at the beach. Please don’t leave any valuables in the car, it’s not worth the risk. Don’t tuck things under the seat and throw a jumper over them, this attracts unwanted attention.

Don’t leave headphones, change, expensive sunglasses in full view. Bring them with you.



Try to park somewhere where a lot of people can see the car or where there is CCTV, avoid a secluded location.



image source: livinggreenmag.com