There are many things that can contribute to unsafe driving and that can lead to road accidents, some may be obvious, and some may come as a complete shock. It is so important that you stay safe while driving so try to take the following advice on how to do just that.


Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue is quickly becoming one of the most common reasons for car accidents and road deaths. So if ever you’re at the wheel and feel yourself getting drowsy, waste no time in pulling over. Taking even just a 15 minute nap or grab a coffee it can make such a difference and it might even save your life.


Be on the Lookout

Keep your eyes peeled as anything on the road, whether its pedestrians, cyclists, animals or rubbish could cause you to have an accident. It is important to be mindful of your surroundings, especially on smaller rural roads where there is a limited amount of space for everyone on the road. Make sure to always leave 1.5 meters between you and a cyclist and same goes for a pedestrian. Remember also to be cautious if there are horses on the road as they can get spooked easily by cars going too quickly.


Driver Distractions

Whether inside or outside the car, driver distractions can cause a massive risk to you and any passengers travelling in your car. Driver distractions can be anything from a child crying or your mobile ringing, if any of these happen just pull over and stop in a safe place. We strongly advise you to put 100% of your focus on the road, inform passengers if they are being a distraction and instead of turning around to check the back seat pull over.


Tyre Safety

It is so important to regularly check the tyres and to keep in mind what a worn tyre might cost you. It is especially important to keep a check on them during the colder, winter months as this is when you will need the grip the most. The minimum tread depth on a public road is 1.6mm anything lower than this is illegal. Regular check your tyres and if you would like more information check out our blog on Tyre Safety Tips.


Mobile phones and driving

More and more people are using their phones in the car and it is becoming a massive contributor to road collisions and accidents. Keep your focus on only the road, turn your phone on silent and no matter what, don’t look at it until you’re safely pulled over or parked.


Stay Safe!!

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