Four Steps To Get  A Better Value Car Insurance Quote


Good Morning! I’m Geraldine, the Personal Lines Team Leader in the Kilkenny
office. The cold weather has officially arrived and we want to do our best to
help you take the chill out of your car insurance quote. This advice applies
when you are filling out the online quote page. Hopefully this will help you
get a better quote online and leave you with some money in your own pocket.


Four Steps To Getting A Better Car Quote


No Claims Bonus

No Claims Bonus is very valuable. It’s proof that you have been claim free
for specified number of years and will help you get a discount with insurers.
When you are getting an online car quote, ensure you input
the no claims bonus correctly as it may affect the price of your quote,
even if you have been a named driver continuously driving on someone’s
car this too will count.



Inputting your mileage accurately into the online quote will allow you to
have a more competitive quote. Think about the amount of miles you drive
each year. Some people might only use the car for school drop-off’s etc. or
some people need a car to drive a long distance to work or drive around
the county following every GAA match!


Add A Spouse To Your Quote Details

If you think your husband, wife or partner would like to drive your car,
why not add them to the quote online? You may get a cheaper quote
and you have the added advantage of sharing the car!


Call Sheridan Insurances

Once you get your online quote and you need to ask us a question or
discuss your quote, just call me. 1850 54 54 54 and I can look after your
quote for you. We have a great team of personal insurance advisors across
each office and I can guarantee they would be delighted to here from you.