#Video: Watch Our Safe Cross Code Video



Road Safety is very close to our hearts in Sheridan Insurances. We all have families; some of us have young children and we use the roads everyday. Roads are a lot busier now compare to when we were kids. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to highlight road safety. We drive our children to school, let them cross the road, watch them cycle around our housing estates and as parents we always want them to be safe. We need to make sure that we remind ourselves and teach our kids the importance of road safety.

So we were thinking last week, how can we highlight the importance of road safety to parents and children? So we recorded ourselves doing ‘The Safe Cross Code’! We practiced the dance with the help of Laura one of our Personal Insurance Advisors. We found out last week that she used to be in a dance group when she was a teenager and luckily never she lost the moves.


How Can You Help?

Show this video to your family, friends and children. Share this video and practice the safe cross code yourself. Not only will you teach children the important road safety message but they will definitely remember it when they have a little fun while learning it.


The Sheridan Safe Cross Code


The RSA Safe Cross Code