Make your child aware of good road safety habits!

It’s the “back to school” time of year again so that means parents are rushing around to get their children ready for the new school year. However with all the back to school excitement, it is important that you also remind your children of school road safety as school car parks and approaching roads can be dangerous. Here are some school road safety habits that you should share with your children to inforce the importance of being alert, aware and safe in congested traffic areas at school.


Pedestrian Crossing

They should always use pedestrian crossing when crossing the road. If a lollipop attendant is on duty, they must only cross over when the attendant signals that is the crossing is clear and it is safe to do so. If there is no lollipop attendant, they should use the safe cross code to cross the road safely.



Safe Cross Code 

Use the safe cross code while walking between cars and across carparks. Even though it isn’t a road, they need to be aware of the surrounding cars and cross the carpark as if it is a busy road. We made our own safe cross code for our followers.



If you are running late to collect them from school and they can’t see your car parked in the carpark, they should wait on the school grounds with a teacher until you arrive.



As parents, you have a responsibility to drop and collect your child from school on time. If your child is late for school and they are flustered crossing a road or school park, they often have a tendency to forget road safety while rushing, putting themselves in unnecessary danger.


Role Model

One of the most things as a parent is to be a good role model when it comes to road safety as your child will generally follow your example!


Stop, Look & Listen

Ensure that your child is well educated on the safe cross code – STOP, WAIT, LOOK, LISTEN!!!! Show your child the video below and get the road safety message across to your child before the new school year.