We need to be extra vigilant in the car

For many of us the May Bank holiday weekend marks the beginning of the summer season and we are hoping and praying for a little summer sun to get things started. From barbeques to walks on the beach to festivals like Jest Fest in Wexford town or the Bealtaine Festival at Loftus Hall, we all plan on making the most of this weather. A few things to keep in mind this bank holiday are:


Travel Times

On bank holiday weekends there is always more traffic, more people walking and more cyclists out on our roads. Plan your journey and allow plenty of time to get there safely.


Agricultural Vehicles

Our farmers have been hit hard with this year’s weather so be prepared – as soon as the good weather hits we will have all kinds of machinery on our roads as the farmers of our country work around the clock to catch up. Be prepared for meeting them on the roads and watch your speed particularly coming around bends as you might have to spend a few minutes behind one or two farmers before you can safely pass.



Be careful where you park particularly near beaches, parks and walking routes. Don’t leave valuables in your car and don’t leave anything on display that would make your vehicle attractive to a thief.



Be mindful that motorbikes will be on the road once the good weather hits. Before you overtake or turn off, take a second look to ensure there are no motorbikes passing. We are so used to just looking for cars, vans, lorries and tractors in recent months. Remember with good weather motorbikes will be making a return to our roads.



Watch out for children near the road, particularly in towns and villages. A stray football, a game of chase or a race could result in a child forgetting to apply their safe cross road. In their excitement kids often run out to the road without thinking. Be prepared and slow down when travelling through an area where kids could be near.