Sharing a car in the morning has its benefits

Sharing a car journey in the morning isn’t for everyone but it definitely has its benefits. Taking turns with a colleague or sharing the school run with a neighbour has it’s pros and cons; In our office, a few of us share lifts because it just makes so much sense! The cost of running a car is quite expensive; we know all about it. Check out the list of pros and cons below: 




#1 Environmentally friendly

Using one car to drive 4 or 5 people to one place will massively reduce carbon emissions. Carbon emissions from cars are a huge contributor to greenhouse gases, so it’s important to keep them as low as possible.

#2 Fuel and insurance costs minimized

If lifts to/from work/school are shared and rotated then it is very to likely that money will be saved in the long-run, not just on fuel but also could save you money on car maintenance and tyres etc.

#3 A great social outlet

Carpooling is a great way to make close friendships, share stories, frustrations and life problems in a safe environment, outside of work or school.




#1 Synchronising times may be difficult

Because several people are travelling together it can make organising timings more difficult. If three people finish work early, but two others still have something left to do, it can lead to the other people being held up. So it is important to be conscious of timings.

#2 No alone time

Sometimes after a long day, you just want some peace and quiet but this can often be difficult when carpooling, especially if it is with more than 2 people in the car.

#3 Driver is responsible for all passengers

It can be stressful for the driver of the car as they are responsible for the lives in the car and what may happen to them, and if an accident should occur, the driver would most likely be held responsible.




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