Print these clues for an Easter Egg Hunt at home

Now that we all need to Stay Home this weekend, we thought that we would help you with your Easter Egg Hunts!

Plan out your Easter egg trail out the night before and write all your clues on these printable easter egg clues. Google some easy clues that the kids will definitely understand. It is also a good idea to have some little buckets so they can easily carry the chocolate around the garden. 

We really hope you enjoy Easter and have great fun with your egg hunt. Our offices are closed tomorrow 10th of April but will reopen on Tuesday 14th April. Click the download button below to print out your easter egg clues! 



Clue ideas


  • The Post Has Arrived! Hiding In The Letterbox Is Clue No.3!’
  • Your egg is hiding where you put your dirty clothes.
  • The next spot to look is your favourite place to read your book.


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