Joyces Wexford Have Christmas Covered! Check It Out


Wondering what to buy your family or friends for Christmas? We teamed up
with Joyces Wexford to show you what’s hot for Christmas. A great benefit
of purchasing your Christmas gifts with Joyces is that you can place your
items on lay-by so you can pay off on it over the Christmas period. They
are also offering free gift wrapping for the month of December!

Richie and Brian, some of the IT experts in Joyces, took the time to answer
our questions and give us a real insight into what will be their best sellers this
Christmas. We chose four top gadgets to share with you so check out the
reviews, photos and videos below. It might make your decisions a little easier.


I’m buying a tablet for my child for Christmas
& I don’t know what to choose?

Brian recommends the ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7” ‘. I have to say, It’s
quite a handy size. The screen quality is incredible and very easy to use.
There is also ‘Parental Control’ available on this tablet which is really
important if you’re planning on buying it for a child or teenager.
Samsung also offer a two year warranty. I played around with the Galaxy
Tab and it’s really easy to use, so it’s great for both adults and kids! The app
store has lots of great apps and games such as minecraft! This tablet is going
to be in high demand this Christmas. We offer gadget insurance with great
policy benefits so check it out before you make a purchase.
(Pics and video below)


I’m buying a tablet for my family/partner, what is your recommendation?

Richie explained that the common question people ask is Apple iPad or
Samsung?… He said his wife loves the iPad but he was going to buy the
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 s 10.6 for himself this month. It’s a great tablet
for watch movies or youtube as the screen quality is unbelievable! The
video below shows how easy it is to use the dual screen drag and drop
feature which allows you to paste photos into an email. This also has a
two year warranty and you can pay off on these tablets over
the coming weeks!


I want to buy my partner a Nespresso machine for
Christmas, but there are so many to choose from!

The Nespresso section in Joyce is pretty impressive, you can actually try
out some of the Nespresso coffee and the guys really know what they are
talking about. For the coffee lover Deirdre recommend the Delonghi
Lattissimia Nespresso Machine’
. It comes in a range of colours and you
get €90 Nespresso Club reward which entitles you to €30 off your next
three coffee orders.

Deirdre loves this machine because you can have black or white coffee at
the touch of a button. It’s easy to clean and load the Nespresso capsules.
It has a milk carafe and a frothing system, the carafe
 can be removed from
the machine and stored in the fridge. This machine was a best seller last
Christmas so it is expected to walk off this shelves this December.


Music lover? You need to check out ‘Sonos’

This has just recently arrived in store at Joyces Wexford. It looks like
a neat little cylinder but Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers.
You can play what you want in each room of your house and it syncs perfectly.
This video explains how it works. The sound quality is crystal clear, it’s worth
checking it out in-store.



Check out some of our photos below, Joyces also stock so other great gift ideas
such as iPads, smart Tv’s, Dyson vacuum cleaners and more!