‘That’s It, We’re Turnin’ Around!”


There are plenty of funny family car stories flying around the office today. With 60 people working in Sheridans we have some great old family stories. Some of us came from big families so there were always someone causing trouble in the car. From Sick bags to farm animals, I think we had it all! Things we so different 30 years ago so we wanted to round up a few of our funny scéalta to share with you. There are a few cracking stories, enjoy the read…



Laura Mac

A 20 year old rusty Peugeot, 2 layers of kids and the youngest was a puker (with a spar bag hanging off her ears) who was passed along the top row like Russian roulette! As soon as she started vomiting she would be thrown to the person beside her. Mammy used to sit in the front drinking a cup of coffee n painting her nails….. The only free 15 minutes of the day she had. The threat for fighting was that we’d end up crashing and we’d all be killed didn’t stop us though! No car seats, seat belts, DVD players, working windows, or insulation come to think of it….despite this the minute the car was started we all fought tooth n nail to go for a “spin” it wasn’t about where we were going as much as just going somewhere. Daddy could rock up to pick up a new calf with 5 little barefoot girls bouncing around the back of the car!



We lived on a farm when I was young (long time ago!!!) but our car was used for everything; to transport things around the farm, baby lambs, dogs you name it – no jeeps in those days for us.  One Sunday we were all gathered up and went off to Mass, me wearing my brand new pair of jeans and feeling very proud. What I didn’t know was that the previous day an old battery was on the back seat and had leaked , the substance soaked into my new jeans and because it was Acid, the backside of my jeans ripped during mass…..giving everyone a ‘right view’ on the way up to communion and a very red faced teenager running for the door ….happy times.



My Dad used to tell us when we were little on long car journeys that if we had potatoes on the floor in back of car, we wouldn’t get car sick! Don’t think it ever worked!



My Dad had a racing green Triumph 2000.

My Mum was driving me and my sister into Dublin City. We were parking in the Ilac carpark which has a notoriously steep hill as you drive in. Anyway, my dad had mentioned to my mother that the hand break “may be a little dodgy”. So we’re on the incline and there are cars backed up. The car behind us pulled up right behind us, leaving my mother no room to roll back.
My Mum asked me to get out of the car and ask the driver to pull back and give her some room, there was no one behind him. The gentleman in the car was a priest with his mother (estimated age 100+). The lovely priest refused to pull back and insisted on my mother getting out of the car and him driving it up the hill because he knew best.

My mother reluctantly let him drive the car. Then he reversed into his own car! With our tow bar! And looked for our insurance details…..



There were no cars when I was a kid.



If you know Frank, you would know that he loves the oul jokes!


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