What We Have In Our Makeup Bags


When I go home in the evening, I spend about 10 mins go through my snapchat stories to see what the latest lipsticks are being recommended. We all do it! When I go to work, I want a cheap good everyday lipstick that doesn’t cost the earth because the chances are that I will lose it after a month of swopping handbags.

When I park the car at the office, the first thing I look for is my lipstick and I know most people do the same thing. On Friday we raided our handbags at lunchtime to share our favourite daytime lipsticks.




At the moment my favourite everyday lipstick is Bourjois Rouge Edition No. 4. I like it because it suits me with or without fake tan. It’s a nudey/pink colour and the wear off is quite good and it’s very moisturising. I think I bought this is Superdrug for approx €12.00 and I want to buy some of the darker colours for going out.



My go-to lipstick at the moment is Kate Moss shade 45. It’s nude but it’s a nice nude. I feel somewhat dressed up for work and it goes with everything. I think it would suit most skin tones.





I like MAC Brave because it is the only nude shade that I seem to be able to wear. I am quiet fair and pale and usually find nude shades draining on me. This shade has just the right amount of colour for my skin tone. It’s not drying and actually quite moisturising. But the best thing about this lippie is it’s long lasting. I apply my make up at 7am every morning and I usually dont need to top up my lipstick until after lunch. What more could you want 🙂



I wear lipstick going to work but while I’m in work I wear the Clarins Baume Levres Reparateur. The air conditioning can make my lips very dry and I think this is lovely because it’s so moisturising. I leave it on my desk and I use it everyday. I bought it a few months ago and there’s lots left.






I like wearing vibrant lipsticks or glosses. The make up revolution salvation lip gloss in shade velvet is my favourite at the moment. It’s really glossy and it’s kinda raspberry in colour so I don’t wear much eye makeup with it and it’s perfect.







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