Make your move smooth with these top tips

Starting college in September? Moving into your first college house can be worrying as you don’t know what to expect, what you need or even how to organize yourself for your big move. Well there is no need for this new chapter of your life to be daunting as I have come up with some top tips to help prepare you from my own experiences.



  • First things first, always view the house you are interested in before paying any type of deposit – pictures are not always reality!
  • Always take photos of any previous damage that are visible in the house upon moving in as you don’t want to get caught paying for damages at the end of your lease that were previously there.


Share big items & expenses

  • Make a list of kitchen appliances for the house that are not included. If possible try share appliances so that each person in the house does not bring up the same item. A sandwich toasters and a George Foreman won’t go astray in a college house now that mammy isn’t around to make your lunches & dinners.
  • You also can’t go wrong buying a good casserole dish as pasta bakes, shepherd’s pie and lasagne are handy dishes that will do you for a couple of meals or to freeze (house dinners are also a good way of bonding with new housemates!)
  • Make a list of house essentials such as cleaning products and delft and share the expenses among the house.


Make your bedroom homely

  • Decorate your room with photos, poster, candles and fairy lights (if you’re a girl of course) or anything that will make your room a little bit more cosy and homely. Homesickness can get the best of us when you move out of home for the first time.
  • A laundry bag is also a good call so that your floor doesn’t clutter up with dirty clothes (you will be guilty of bringing your clothes home at the weekend to wash).


Budget buy

This might seem silly but for the month of August if you buy necessities such as toiletries, towels, stationery and food with long expiry dates (i.e. jarred sauces, pasta, spices etc.) each week so that you won’t be hit with major expenses all at once.


Bits & bobs

  • Ear plugs may be handy to have as you never know when a house party could happen in your college estate.
  • Bring your favourite cup – tea & coffee will taste better.
  • For girls especially, an umbrella is key to keep your hair dry when walking to college.
  • If you like your comfort, buying a dressing gown and slippers for your college house is a great purchase.
  • A notice board for college assignments is also a good call if you are bit of a feather head.So don’t fret, get organized and embrace this new experience!



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