What Can We offer You? Check Out Our Video


We understand that it’s important to shop around for your van insurance, all
you want is the best price! You probably speak to many people in insurance
call centres and are well used to hearing ‘Press one for renewals, Press
two for a quote….’  

Well, we are slightly different. We want to give you the best price and the
best service! In the picture above you will see me (Debbie), Ger and Kay. 
We have completed our insurance exams and have over 10 years experience
in the insurance industry. We can give you accurate advice and help get you
the best price on your insurance.

When you call our offices you will speak with me directly or your personal
advisor. There are 54 people working in Sheridans and our goal is to ‘look
out for our customers always’

Check out the video below. Tina and I explain why Sheridans is different from
other insurers and brokers. Tina is another personal insurance advisor on our team.