We can learn a few things from Paddy

At 90 years of age, Paddy Sheridan works in the office everyday, trains our new employees and can also hold the plank for over 5 minutes. Paddy established Sheridan Insurances in 1964, the year after JFK visited Ireland. 53 years later we have a team of over 70 people in four locations in Ireland. He was also a pig farmer in his spare time and had profound love of running run on Curracloe beach.

Last week we celebrated his 90th birthday and the visitors and messages poured into the office each day, it was incredible. When I asked Paddy if he had any life advice to share with our followers. He sat in the seat beside me and told me this:

‘It’s so important to be motivated by you passion and not as motivated by money. Yes, money is important to live but if you set your goals and do what you love, it will make you a very happy person. Everything happens incrementally. Just set out to achieve your goals and step by step you will get there, just have patience. 

I found a list of goals the other day that I had written down in 1960, I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I had achieved nearly 80% of my goals. It is important to write down your ambition in life but don’t forget to write down how you plan to achieve your goals. That is also very important.’



Happy Birthday Paddy

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