Social Media

Don’t “check in” on public social media accounts like Facebook. You don’t know who will pass on information that you are away enjoying yourself which leaves your property vulnerable to a break in – Instead put all your lovely pictures up when you get home and stick to snap chat and insta stories (if your friends lists are small) while you are away


Garden Equipment

Make sure anything that needs to be put away like lawn mowers, leaf blowers etc. are put away and the shed is locked.


Electrical equipment

Anything electrical that can be plugged out should be. Everything except for the fridge and freezer should really be plugged out while you are away as it could be a fire hazard.



Have a neighbour, family member or friend call in daily to check the property is ok. Turn the lights on for a while, close the blinds etc. You want the house to look occupied even though you are away.



If you are lucky enough to be going away for more than a week try to get someone in to cut your grass while you are away as fresh cut grass makes the house look occupied and will help deter any thieves in the area


Last Check and Relax

Double Check that everything is off and that the doors and windows are properly secured before you leave and then relax.


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