It’s true! They Can Get Into Your Car Or Van!


I hate talking about rats and mice but I have come across a few claims
about rats in vehicles already this month. Rats and mice can get into your
car or van, eat through the wires making it unsafe to drive. If you see lights
flashing on your dash, it’s best to pull over and notify your insurance company.

Other commons signs that a rodent has been in your vehicle is rodent
residue, holes that they have eaten through or people can hear scratching
noises which obviously means there is a live rodent in your car or van.


At this time of the year mice & rats are looking for hiding places
and your
 car/van can be an ideal location! Here are some tips to
help avoid this
happening to you:


Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Rodent Free


  • If you keep your vehicle in a garage, always keep the door shut tight
    and make sure there are no little holes that a mouse/rat can climb in
    through (they are good climbers so that goes for holes up high too).


  • Try not to leave any boxes or containers open unattended – these are
    attractive to mice/rats as like to be concealed and  not out of the open.


  • Most people tend to park outside – try to leave at least 5-10 foot of clear
    open space on all sides of your vehicle – mice & rats don’t like to be
    in the open.


  • Keep the area around your vehicle clear – keep the grass trimmed etc.
    don’t give them anywhere to hide.


  • Try not to leave pet food hanging around for long periods of time as
    this will attract mice & rats.


  • Do not leave food or food wrappers in your vehicle.


  • It is good to have cats & dogs around to deter mice & rats from coming
    onto your property – if you don’t want one of your own, be nice to
    the neighbours pets and encourage them to keep your home vermin free too!


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