‘I want to express my pleasure at being back from where I came.’
– J.F Kennedy, The Quayside, 27th June 1963

This year in New Ross we have the privilege of celebrating “The Homecoming”.
This is a celebration of the 50 year anniversary since of the visit of John F.
Kennedy (President of USA & inspirational leader) returning to his ancestral
home in New Ross in 1963. This is a momentous occasion in our social &
political history, and something that is quite closely related to the heart of
Sheridan Insurances. Paddy Sheridan, founder of Sheridan Insurances was
inspired to establish Sheridan’s from listening to JFKs speech which gave him
the drive, ambition & vision of developing a well known family-run business
which now employs over 50 highly trained staff in 3 offices in the south east Ireland.


Events running for “The Homecoming” including:

  • 29th May – 22nd June – Journey of the Eternal Flame Torch from USA from Arlington Cemetery, USA back to the New Ross Homestead.
  • 22nd June – Tree planting ceremony in remembrance of JFKs visit.
  • 22nd June – Opening of quayside development project by Taoiseach
    Enda Kenny.

If you too are embarking on a journey like JFK did, either big or small don’t
hesitate to pop into the Sheridan offices in Wexford or New Ross.

Enjoy your weekend,

Emma, New Ross Office