Avoid a Claim This Summer, Watch Colette’s Video

itll never happen

Finally summer has arrived!! And with the summer, driving conditions improve.
However, it is not just the weather that contributes to accidents. We all think it
will never happen to me”
and so here are my top 4 tips to look out for
this summer which may prevent accidents or making a claim.


Check out my video below for some more handy tips



I hate wasps. If you’re like me and react to wasps in the same way someone
might do if they were shot, it is important to keep your cool if a wasp enters
your car. At this time of year, I always check my car before I start driving. 
If a wasp does get in, try to pull over safely to get it out, but remember to
STAY CALM! The pain of a sting is not as bad as you may think. It’s 
a lot less painful than crashing your car.


Ice – Cream & Drinks

If your ice cream, drink or crisps falls onto the floor, don’t try to pick it
up while still driving your vehicle, pull in and pick it up. Cars are easily
cleaned if food falls but the distraction that comes with reaching for
something on the ground causes accidents.


Walk & Trips To The Beach

Thieves will break in to a car for the small change so it is important
to lock anything of value out of sight, even an empty handbag can draw
attention. Insurance companies will only cover items in a locked boot or
compartment so when leaving your car or van, check that valuables are
secured before you leave the vehicle.


Agri – Cultural Vehicles

At this time of year we are all more likely to meet tractors on the road.
Be aware of this and take extra care when going around bends as you
may just end up behind one unexpectedly.


Image Source: werun.se, http://www.pinterest.com/pin/283656476503006838/