This Is Your Chance Be Safe On The Road This Winter


I know I always talk about car safety but it is especially important
to insure that your car or van is safe to drive on the road this winter.
You could be travelling to work or you could have your kids in the car
so you need to consider the safety of your vehicle. I am the dedicated
claims advisor here in Sheridan Insurances and I deal with car and van
insurance claims everyday of the week. So please, I urge you my advice
below before the heavy Winter weather arrives.


It’s worth getting your battery checked in your local garage. They will
carry out a battery condition check to test the strength of your battery.
If your battery is weak, your car may not start on a cold icy winter morning.


Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Don’t put off getting your car serviced until after Christmas if you know
it really should be serviced now. It’s will be dark, you could be travelling
at night over Christmas and the last thing you need is a breakdown. You
want to enjoy Christmas!



Check the tyre pressure and thread depth of your tyres. The minimum 
legal thread depth is 1.6mm but change them before they get worn.
If you are uncertain please don’t avoid the issue, ask your local
to check them out. Your stopping distance will be affected if your you
tyres have no grip.


Ice & Snow

You should carry a De-icer and scraper in the back of your car this winter.
It is absolutely lethal to drive your car when you do not have full visibility.
Not only for you and your vehicle but what happens if you don’t see a pedestrian?

Alway clear snow off your bonnet and roof before you set off on a journey.
Snow could blow up onto the windscreen or slide down from the roof which
will impair your visibilty.


Slow Down

Take your time while driving. Leave plenty of stopping distance between you
and the car in front and if you’re running late don’t speed up to compensate.
High speed and wet/slippery roads can make for a potentially life-threatening combination.