Statement from Insurance Ireland regarding NCTS announcement of a temporary discontinuance of elements of the NCT test

In relation to the current issue with car lift equipment used in the National Car Test (NCT) which is resulting in motorists being unable to fully complete their NCT and receive an up to date certificate, Insurance Ireland would like to reassure the public that this will not impact their motor insurance and Insurance Ireland members will be pragmatic and understanding in their approach to this issue.  

Insurance Ireland is advising motorists that, when your car is due for an NCT, you should continue to book and attend NCT appointments as normal. According to the statement issued by the NCTS (National Car Test Service), a vehicle inspection report will be issued at the time of completing the partial test.

We are further advising motorists to return to complete the outstanding elements of the test once the lift issue is resolved at which time you will receive your NCT certificate and window disk. Please heed the advice given to you by the NCTS on how to do this at the appropriate time.  

Motor insurance and road traffic legislation require that motorists maintain their vehicles in a roadworthy condition at all times, this remains the case. Under the current circumstances, provided motorists heed the advice to book and attend NCT appointments in the normal way and return to complete the test at the appropriate time insurance companies will recognise that the current issue is not the fault of the driver and it will not impact car insurance policies.


Source: Insurance Ireland January 2020