A Rat Can Look For Shelter In Your Car


With the recent cold weather all of the animals around us are feeling the cold too. Your cats and dogs are no doubt running inside at any given opportunity but that also means that mice and rats are looking for warm shelter too.

Rats and mice are attracted to warm, sheltered spots that are away from wide open spaces. Your house, car or van could be the ideal spot for them. Here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to avoiding a mouse/rat getting into your vehicle this winter.


Tips To Avoid Rats & Mice

  • Keep your car free from food papers and crumbs that may attract little creatures.
  • Try to park in an open space, even if it means taking a few extra steps to the house as mice and rats hate being in open spaces.
  • Don’t keep pet food anywhere near where you park your car or van. This free food is a major attraction.
  • If you or your neighbour have a cat, be nice to them and keep them on side as a deterrent to any mice or rats that may be close by.
  • When going in and out to the car try to keep all of the doors closes. Don’t make access easy for them.

If you think a mouse or rat may be in your vehicle don’t drive & call me on 053 9180912 for further advice if you are a client of Sheridan Insurances.