There’s No Harm In Being Prepared


It looks like it is going to be a stormy week – we did a routine weather check and it seems that the weather will be unsettled for the rest of the week!


Here are a few things to arrange just in case the unsettled weather continues.

Check Your Fences and Gates

If there are any loose bits of wood, nail them into position and make sure your gates can be properly secured so they don’t flop around in the wind. The last thing you need it a dent in your car or a broken window.


Garden Furniture & Toys

It may be time to tidy away some of the garden furniture and toys. Things like toy tractors, lounge chairs and even trampolines have been known to fly around in high wind so make sure to secure them or lock them away.


Lights & Candles

Make sure your torch and lights have batteries and have the candles and matches in an easy to reach place just in case the power goes out!


Wheelie Bin

Once your rubbish has been collected, bring the wheelie bin back into the garage or a secure area. The wind will blow this bins over and could push them out in front of traffic.


Slates & Tiles

Have you checked your roof lately? Now is a good time to get someone to check for loose slates, gaps and damaged slates so they can be fixed before the weather turns. Winter is the busiest time of year for claims and these problems can be avoided if they are noticed early.


If your house isn’t insured what are you waiting for – do it today before it’s too late!


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