Home burglaries are common on bank holiday weekends

This post isn’t supposed to scare you, we just want to remind you to make smart decisions to deter burglars from your house. You might going on day trips or you may be spending the weekend away but we want to keep you safe. Here are my top tips to keeping your house safe this weekend.

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Secure your valuables

Ensure every window and door is locked. Lock internal doors as well as external doors. Secure things like passports, cash, and expensive jewellery items in a safe. If you don’t have safe in your home hide them somewhere in the house.


Use Technology

Set a timer on your TV or music system to come on intermittently in the house to give the illusion there is someone at home. Sensor lights outside are a great deterrent.


Watch the view from your windows

Whilst you don’t want to have your blinds down when you are gone you should consider what your house looks like from the outside in. Have you left the remnants of the household’s breakfast on the island? At 7pm in the evening this is a key sign you have been away all day! Have you left any small electronics or valuables in view?


Stay away from Social Media

Don’t post your amazing plans for the long weekend on social media. Social media is a burglar’s delight. You are actually confirming your house is free!


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